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BREWERING ( Bru- er -ing) 1)noun - To elevate one's level of coolness to a point where almost everyone around you is envious of your rugged good looks, Adonis-like physique and ability to trick any 1st year university student to believe you are 24.

2)verb - 'to be BREWERED'( bru - erd ) - To reek the benefits during the presence of ones company and hanging on the coat tails of greatness to the point where you might gain attention or notoriety by simply being in the same room as said, Brewer.
A classic example of 'Brewering' is Justin Timberlake.

Andy Samberg has been 'Brewered' by Mr. J.T. multiple times over the last number of years See 'Mother Lovers' and so was all other members of N'Sync before that.
by Unknown Scribe February 12, 2010
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