The definition of lazy/cheap CEOs, horrible collaboration of ideas/scientists, and a shit-fuck-ton of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

Simply, a oil spill no one knows how to fucking deal with until shit hits the fan.
Scientist 1: Dude! Let's use shredded tires and golf balls to stop the oil!

Scientist 2: Or we can use fucking horse shit to stop it! Horse shit!

Logical Scientist: We can also suggest that repairs are done on time and equipment is properly maintained by hiring more workers. It'll only cost --


Scientist 3: We're not here to help, we're here to try worthless ideas, and milk these fuckers. This BP Oil Spill will be our cash cow.
by Allen75x June 1, 2010
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When a man or woman has explosive diarrhea in a bathtub, causing a layer of "oil" to rise to the top, in which the couple engages in sexual intercourse in such bathtub.
A - "So i did some kinky stuff with Cindy last night."

B - "Oh really? What kind of stuff?"

A - "We did the BP Oil Spill. Best sex of my life!"

B - "You're fucked up dude, I'm going home."
by Toby The Cat September 17, 2010
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To pull out when having anal sex in a pool or hot tub with someone who has to take a shit. The resulting diarrhea will leak out into the water when you pull out, emulating the BP Oil Spill.
I gave your mom a BP Oil Spill last night, and clogged the drain in your hot tub.
by Bucky Cap July 8, 2010
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When a condom breaks and she got pregnant. BP Oil Spill
Boyfriend: Oh shit, I think i just had a BP Oil Spill.

Girlfriend: WTF does that mean?

Boyfriend: *never returns her calls*
by TacoMann August 20, 2010
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"Did you see that kid throw up in the hallway today? The vomit went everywhere!"
"Oh yeah, now that was. a BP oil spill"
by Dr_K4rma April 17, 2019
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Boy Pussy oil spill: When you pull out of your tight twink and they leak diarrhea. Would not recommend.
I fucked my Grindr date yesterday but he had been drinking the night before. We had a BP oil spill.
by danasp_42 August 25, 2019
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Doing anal and they take a shit on your dick. (Back pussy oil spill)
We were fucking and there was a bp oil spill.
by Eodgary September 23, 2015
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