When someone says to you "you're fucked" that means your in deep shit and going to get smashed, or worse.
Person 1: You're fucked,cunt.

Person 2:.......................................................
Shits himself.
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A sarcastic remark you use to praise a stupid friend that probably won't even sense the sarcasm
Said friend would even probably reply, "at least I'm fucking something" to cover the fact that they're a virgin and still making low ball sex jokes outside a Seinfeld sketch
friend: *does something stupid
you: you're fucking amazing
friend: at least I'm fucking something!!1!!1
you: great. now you're fucking amazing, and a virgin
by lazykevin October 15, 2016
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A way to say goodbye when the ship is sinking
and you have the only lifejacket.
CAPTAIN: "We're taking on water faster than I can pump."
MATE: "Well, I guess I'M OK, BUT YOU'RE FUCKED.!"
by Chingo Bellamongo October 13, 2006
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Used in an instance or situation in which you've been completely let down by someone as a direct result of their incompetence or overwhelming lack of effort.
"Jesus Christ, what do you mean you posted the wedding rings as bail? You're fucking me soft bro"
by Hamish Alexander March 21, 2017
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This is when the shit you take is extremely painful, or there's a dick that's coming out of your ass. Whichever is your case.
Person 1: I had a painful shit today.
Person 2: Oh, you're fucking your ass from within.
Person 1: What?
by betard6000 June 24, 2021
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A video where someone got really fucking mad at a 9 year old.

It is mostly used when someone steals your robux or V-bucks.

It can also be used if someone isn't FUNNEH
Kara: U r not so pro
Glob: Do you honestly think you're fucking funneh?!
by Forknife January 11, 2019
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