BOMP ~ it means to bump grind, be in love,to be with, cherish, to hold, to have sex and or to be intimate with your significant other. a group of sex addicts.

hey i think that you and me should BOMP somtime.
do u want to bring me to our BOMP meeting tonite?
by mia P March 12, 2009
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a form of hollaring at a female signifying the desire to fuck. bay area slang
BOMP BOMP i want to fuck you bomp bomp back if your trying to fuck too
by Cremren March 20, 2006
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An act of affection performed between close friends. Consists of a playful mock-punch with an added "bomp" spoken at sound of impact. Playfully condescending.
It was at that moment he delivered the bomp. With a laugh, he tagging his friend on the side of the cheek, exclaiming, "Bomp!"
by Snifit June 25, 2014
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bomping is where you jump up and down in deep water
Dave: lets go bomping.
Carl: heck yeah!! i love bomping.
by BOSSgaminglemon August 30, 2021
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bomping a word used to describe something so amazing and excellent no other words can describe it. Another word that can be used is stonk
“we’re getting a q later” “ AH BOMPING!”
by schrutefarmslover June 6, 2019
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to activate one's car horn, usually for the purpose of letting someone or something know you are trying to move forward.
The car bomped to let the kids know to get off the road.
by baileybabe March 13, 2011
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