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means 'but not really', usually used you say jj, implying that you actually did mean what you said before
dude: hey i hate you, jj, bnr, ahahaha
other dude: you have a lot of suppressed anger and rage dont you?
by Skills a million November 6, 2006
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Gkysoiky means go kill yuorself or i'll kill you, it what you say if your cool, and you want to be even cooler. Basically its a comeback, but you can say it over the phone and stuff aswell.
person a: hey man your pretty damn fat
person b: ow, just kidding, thats crap! go die in a fire
person a: lol, i will, but not until you gkysoiky!
person b: wtf...oh crap! *dies*
by Skills a million October 31, 2006
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