boobies in e-mail.
A request often found on
please send me BIE, thanks.
by tin foil milliner May 3, 2006
Paulos: You dumb Serbian!

by Abdul-Saleem April 27, 2009
Bitch Is Epileptic
We'd watch tv but BIE
by Farking March 9, 2008
Bie Bie mean it's naturally for whom prefers to play Basketball of all time every morning and like to scam everybody by his sides. Literally , Bie Bie is a word for who is a short-term period scammer.
For example: Today We can't Bie Bie the old men to join Coinjob and get recharged from all of them
- We need to Bie Bie now and later on we need Bie Bie to find more recharge
by Meili March 12, 2022
A name for a Chinese boy that means GOD. Is always good in school and scores hunnets on every test, assignment and presentation. If ur names is Alex Bie you have been taken to M.I.T for advanced research to see how ur brain can function faster than a high tech computer. Often the data collection fails because the computer where the data is stored always overheats and explodes. Alex Bie is also the name of a baller who is also know as "little man" by his fans. He is know for his signature triple toe feet crossover where he dribbles so fast the opponents trips over their own legs.
Yo little man (Alex Bie) did the M.I.T studies finally come to the conclusion that you have 2 brains?
by XXXXDICKSLAYER69XXXX October 21, 2014
A Ghanaian term used to describe sexual intercourse. it may also be used to describe the act of speaking one's mind freely without fear of censure.
by aygakosah October 18, 2017