1)The ultimate in fail.
2)short for "Biggest Nub Ever!"

Biggest Nub Ever was shortened to Biggest Nub, then some people got lazy, and shortened it to just "BIGGEST"
*Peter Steals Camera, and gets caught*
by Johny Sak May 11, 2006
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The biggest also known as the biggest dick, the type of person u call “the biggest” is someone who would spoil ur favorite show or burn ur brand new pod for your device. These are the type of people u have to keep away from your sister.
Look at that guy hitting on his bestfriends sister that guy is The Biggest

Let me please hit your sourin bro come on just one hit I’ll stop asking if you let me hit it The Biggest
by TheBiggest April 9, 2019
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Best; worst; most tubular; most heinous.
Dude, that meter maid just ticketed my car even though I had put money in the meter. She's the biggest.
by Eric December 1, 2004
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Used to describe famous and the most massive Civilization 6 player Carrier
"I can't believe this, The biggest has managed to do it again!" "OMG! The biggest is here, I want his autograph."
by The biggest Carrier November 28, 2022
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to have the greatest size of all
emhop's penis is the biggest.
by emhop February 8, 2009
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A saying used when something funny and/ or ironic happens.
"Haha, he sprayed aquim all over the teacher's desk and got in trouble,biggest blannies"
by CrispyFrootloop49 May 28, 2019
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