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Slang for Black Hearted Bastard. Used commonly to refer to someone who seemingly lacks any emotion.
"Garrett didn't even cry during the movie. He has no heart!"

"No kidding, he is such a BHB."
by Bolo! January 06, 2010
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Acronym for Borderline Homosexual Behaviour.

This is behaviour exhibited by straight men that is generally considered homosexual. Multiple examples of BHB by a single individual may be a sign of B.H.D., Borderline Homosexual Disorder. Generally this is diagnosed as a three strike policy.
Examples of B.H.B. include:
Enjoying glee
Randomly speaking in high 'sing song' tones
Disproportionate love of Lady Gaga
Wearing exceptionally tight jeans such that a division symbol is present in the crotch region
Understanding anything to do with Sex and the City
Any drink of choice that is not beer

Cannot relate to the movie Remember the Titans
Metrosexuality in ALL forms
by heapsmissage_90 May 22, 2011
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"Booty Hole Bandit"
usually used to describe male homosexuals and bisexuals....

Girl 1: Damn...look at them fine men over there girl.
Girl 2: Girl don't mess with them my man said they some BHB;s
Girl 1: What are BHB's?!?
Boy 1: Mane some fuckin Booty Hole Bandits
Boy 2: Fa Sho dey Be huntin udda dudEs Booty hole's
by ChazRock July 29, 2007
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