A show about a snotty little twat that, if he were in a rehabilitation center, would go out of his way to emphasize whatever disability he did NOT have. Because he's a little shit. It's also be hypothesized that he has leukemia, he does not. They ran tests and concluded that unfortunately leukemia has a bad case of Caillou.
Doctor: I'm sorry but your son has an extremely low white blood cell count.
Parent: That's because Caillou is a bitch.
by Tonesmas October 19, 2016
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Little shit that bitches about everything. So ungrateful u wouldn't even believe it. Cries until he gets what he wants.
My girlfriend is such a Caillou.
by Shifeen Finkle Gucci October 23, 2018
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Quick, get the holy water, what we have here is a Caillou!
by Caillou's dad April 14, 2017
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1: A person acting like (or IS) the manifestation of Satan.
2: A Canadian show about Satan as a kid. It also proves that the worst thing ever is to be under the same roof as him
(1) Stop being a Caillou, TOD.
(2) I hate Caillou.
by Puntato August 3, 2018
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Caillou is a shitty-ass kids show which has a piece of shit is the main character. He is known to infest people with diarrhea-based cancer. He's an annoying, stupid piece of shit, who will only have his way. He was known to be the candidate for the Piece of Shit Party.
He's a cancerous turd.
You wake up. You see Caillou there with a chainsaw. But he is so stupid that he shows it the wrong way, and he kills himself.
by Donald Caillou January 4, 2018
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Caillou is a little bald head ass dickhead that i used to watch when i was young asf. Caillou was on the OG Network Treehouse and Teletoon all that shit if he wasn’t i don’t even know it was a long ass damn time i watched this circle head shit. According to my calculations wtf am i saying i just searched this dumb shit on Google Wikipedia this little boy is 4 years old. And you maybe Caillou lovers are probably like why are you insulting Caillou, What did he to do you, Why are you mean to him and that bs. This dude is a straight up whiner i don’t know if i typed that right but you know what i mean this guy whines about every single shit let me tell you what i mean. I’m actually not gonna tell y’all what episode and what season cause as i said it’s been a long time i didn’t watch this dumb shit but i remember what happend and i’m sure you will too. Ok, he was in the bathroom playing with his toys i think then his dad walked in he told him something about "We’re not going to the circus today, we are going tomorrow". Probably it wasn’t the circus it was maybe the Theaters or the zoo i don’t know, he said that then this mf kid starts crying like a baby i mean like he said tomorrow he didn’t say in 1 week or in 1 month or in 1 year, he said tomorrow and then started crying like a little bitch. My point is that when i have kids i won’t make them watch that ridiculous dumb ass bs.
Mother: Do you wanna watch Caillou?
Baby: Who is that bald guy?
by TSM_AK February 2, 2018
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If brain cancer was a TV show for kids, this would be it.
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Your Sanity after its three-minute long battle with Caillou.
by bassistheplace246 July 19, 2018
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