The act of being wayy to solid and stupid fast.
Reporter:"Define your attitude"
Marshawn Lynch:"Beast Mode"
by Beans18 February 11, 2009
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going crazy just pwning every one in site a complete level above the oppent
Chase:Did you just Michail go Beast Mode on that n00b.
Matt:I know he so Beast.
by Cha$e (LB) June 01, 2007
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during sex, when a guy suddenly (unexpectedly) decides to switch to anal and take it up a notch, much to his partner's alarm and horror
Jill was loving vaginal sex with jack, until he yelled "BEAST MODE!!" shoved it in her anus, and started violently pounding her really hard and fast
by 91m2b September 19, 2009
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Taking a massive shit in a Public bathroom sink, then screaming BEASTMODE as loud as possible
I went completely BEASTMODE in that McDonald's yesterday
by thebeastMC March 02, 2014
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While your significant partner is in missionary position and on her back, you proceed to flip her over into doggy style and yell the word "BEASTMODE!", and ram her head through the wall.
Casey: "Hey BEN! What's that hole in your wall??"
Ben: "Oh.. You know!"

Casey: "You went beastmode last night!"
Ben: "Sure did. Bitch's head looks like a pancake now!"
by ChineseTaco & Omega February 21, 2010
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The state in which a human (frequently male) is completely dominating what they are doing.
Will was in complete beast mode as he broke through the defence and sacked the quarterback.
by Asian.is.win August 10, 2006
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