The state of mind you are in when you are intoxicated with liquor and marijuana at the same time. From the song ''Beast Mode''.
-"Yo man, I'm all fucked up on hennesey and some chronic."

_"Oh, you mean you're in "Beast Mode".
by IV:XX May 23, 2009
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A command uttered when one, being a Transformer, specifically of the Beast Wars variety, wishes to revert from robot mode into their respective animal form.

Similar in function to,
"Predacons, Terrorize"
"Maximals, Maximize"
"Transform and Roll Out!"

"Rattrap, Beastmode!"

by Sharkticon April 05, 2008
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Doing any activity that, whether you are successful at or not, would be hardcore and/or beast-like if it had been successful.
-Jimmy hits a home run in a softball game. He then shouts triumphantly, "BEASTMODE!"
-Tyrone takes a shot in a friendly basketball game. It would be customary for a passerby to proclaim, "OH SHIT! BEASTMODE!" even if he air-balls.
-Heather serves an ace in tennis. It would be acceptable for her colleagues to utter, "OL' GIRRL ON BEASTMODE!"
by Lilscrapbook March 31, 2008
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When doing any task, assignment ect. Saying you will BEAST MODE something means to do it very well.

Made popular at RHS by John D. and Steve V.
John" yo did you hear we have a test in Mr. Trouts class today?"

Steve" hell yeah Im gonna Beast Mode that shit!"
by Steve Varner April 02, 2008
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I am going beast mode to go beast mode is tone amazing in the moment

Definition to be good
by Beast mode=me February 18, 2016
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A state of mind of mental crazyness that you unleash on everyone
When your at the pool throwing kids in hit your fist together twice and shout BEAST MODE
by Runingwitknifes May 21, 2008
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