This is a way of life; It's purpose is to put you as a human being into the most dedicated, focused, and ferocious/tenatious lifestyle that you can achieve.
Hyped with out the hype, pumped without the juice, high without the drugs. It's all mental! "BEASTMODE" is a way to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!
by jominty April 21, 2010
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Taking a massive shit in a Public bathroom sink, then screaming BEASTMODE as loud as possible
I went completely BEASTMODE in that McDonald's yesterday
by thebeastMC March 02, 2014
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Mode that you switch into when doing hardcore activities; having beast-like characteristics.
Dude, you're not gonna sleep for a week? You are in beastmode.
by wtfook July 16, 2005
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-(Noun)- An attitude turned on when in a really athletic state of mind.
-(Verb)- To zone out of a injury and still have an amazing physical activity
Mike: "Holy Smokes!"
Luke: "What's wrong, Mike?"
Mike: "Did you see that dunk by Lebron James?"
Luke: "Yeah it looks like he's in Beastmode."
by Zack Downes January 06, 2009
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(BEE-st-mowd): a state of superiority or awesomeness; a work ethic made famous by one man, Mr. Make It Happen
Alfredo Flores is always in #BEASTMODE while at work, at play, and in the night.
by belieber17 January 19, 2011
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beastmode is going off or doing something as wild and badass ass possible
Bro did u see christian at that party last night? He was going beastmode bro.

Bro I went beastmode on that p*ssy last night
by Swagstanerd January 31, 2021
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