From the series Beast Wars. Reverting to Beast Mode was when either Predacons or Maximals transformed into their animals forms. In Beast Mode, they were usually able to move faster and transforming also sped up their internal repairs. Also, in the first season, reverting to Beast Mode protected them from Energon poisoning, which was what happened when they were exposed to too much raw energon.
We've been transformed too long! Quickly! Revert to Beast Mode!
by Strikerflame August 08, 2005
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A mode of awesomeness; A pure blank state of mind, in which you become greater (more beastly) than anything else that stands before you.

Also used when Kicking ass at black ops and someone tries to talk to you, but instead of giving them an actual convo, you just tell them "I'm in Beast-Mode right now, GET OFF MY NUTS"
When someone is constantly "Beastifying" they are in "Beast-Mode"

Bob: Dude, Jack has been in Beast-Mode for like 3 straight weeks
Will: I know, He has a 215 killstreak
by baconballsack12992 October 17, 2011
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An altered state of mind, most commonly achieved in the gym. Heavy weight's become lighter, more reps get performed. Beast mode is a state of heightened physical and mental capacity. Commonly associated with personal bests.
'Dude I'm going for 200kg on the deadlift tonight.'
'Have you got it in the locker?'
'Of course, Im going to be in beast mode'
by Beastttmode December 06, 2011
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1.A state of or doing anything accessively and or aggressively; wildin' out
"The cops where chasing me down the Ave. so I went into beast mode; jumped over a couple of fences into a few backyards I blew on them and left them 10 blocks behind me."
"After they smoked that ounce of weed, Kelly and Shelly went beast mode on the french fries as a result of having the munchies."
"While we were f***in I went beast mode on her p***y!"
by MakneJerkNU February 23, 2005
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