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You're colors are fully coordinated in dressing, from your head to your toes; males making sure that your cap or hat matches with your acccessories, shirt, belt and shoes; females should see to it that their bag, belt accessories and shoes are matching.

BAZZLE Couture:Jamaica,NYC,CT,MIA.
You are looking so bazzle today!

I'm bazzle for the girls, and when i'm bazzle the girls eyes dazzle!

Everytime I see that girl she's always bazzle
by BAZZLE Couture December 02, 2009
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A compliment, awarded to very few. Only thoughs who can say they are slick, skilled, smart, and extremely sexy can come close to this word.
damn that kids bazzle. wtf bitch u aint no bazzle
by brandonS January 13, 2005
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A group of beezies, similar to a gaggle of geese. They tend to stick together and cockblock like none other, unless heavily intoxicated.
That beezy brought her whole bazzle over last night.
by Mike+Chris October 22, 2007
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A Hilarious Boy With A Personality Unlike Any Other. Virtually Impossible To Forget, You'll Always Love A Bazzle.

However, Can Be Rude, Cold + Heartless At Times. Bazzle's Sometimes Have Alter Egos, With Many Different Names, Such As Jizzle, Jeremy + Cedric. You Can Spot A Bazzle From His Crater Face + The Toothbrush He Has Behind His Ear, In Case He Needs To Brush His Lip Or Smooth His Armpit, In An Emergency. There May Be Many Fish In The Sea, But He'll Always Be Your Nemo.

Seductive Squinty Eyes, Sexy Deep Voice, Juicy Lip, Are Jus Some Characteristics Of Bazzle's. Bazzle's Sometimes Get Up To Mischief, Like Getting Fined On Trains + Their Laugh Can Be Recognised By Snorts, Kikikiki's + Other Animal Noises. Pulls A Hissyfit When They Dont Get Their Own Way. Bazzle's Are Pretty Stubborn Individiuals. But From Flaws + Imperfections, Good Times + Bad, You'll Always Cherish Any Memory You Make With A Bazzle. If Your Lucky Enough To Have A Bazzle In Your Life, Appreciate It While You Have It..
Jimmy: Whos That 8ft Tall Boy.
Fizzle: Bit Of A Dumb Fff, But He's More Than Alot
Jimmy: You Hitting Bazzle?
Fizzle: Mmmmm Pbt. Well I Wont Kiss + Tell ;)
by Love-Sick April 04, 2010
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A mixed drink made by Bart Bazzle which has a cup and a half of tea, half a cup of pepsi, and two shots of vodca.
High class drinker: I'll have one Bazzle please.
Bartender: That'll be $30.
by Bart February 18, 2005
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