(Proper Noun) A movie directed by David Zucker, starring Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Dian Bachar. The game itself is a combination of baseball and basketball. (Basketball played under Baseball rules.)
Dude, wanna go out and play some BASEketball?
Dude, let's watch BASEketball tonight!
by Broc March 07, 2004
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"Listen pig-fucker, can I call you pig-fucker?"
"No, only my friends can call me pig-fucker."
It's Baseball... it's Basketball... it's Baseketball!
by JOKa August 25, 2003
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Movie made by Matt and Trey, the creators of South Park and Team America. It is a combination of both basketball and baseball. To play you use a ball the shape and size of a normal basketball, bases(you're only allowed to shoot there once until all places are taken), a basketball net, and teams of 3 players each.
"Yo, I heard Sqeaks goin' out with your sister!"
"Sweat Psycheout."
"You have to say something totally fucked up."
"Why is me going out with his sister totally fucked up?"
by Pat Lanni November 12, 2004
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A game made from combining baseball and basketball. The ball is basketball sized and is thrown at a basket, but the distance the basket is made from determines how many bases you get. Also, you can use cheap intimidation and distraction tactics called "Psycheouts" to make the opposing player miss his shot. And the ball is made from a leather recliner, preferably a La-Z-boy.
"C'mon miss it...Steve Perry...Steeeeeve Perry..."

"Dude, I thought we agreed, no more Journey psycheouts."
by Kucitizen June 05, 2004
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A hat that is so extreme in design (wether it be funny, scary, shocking etc) that it will psych-out the opposing Baseketball player into missing his shot, the varieties of Basketball Caps are limitless.
You Paul Gadd wannabie! I can't believe you psyched me out with your Baseketball Cap! Please remove your finger from my Rectal Cavity right now you jerk i know you dont own a P.H.D.
by Robby O'licious Bacon November 17, 2007
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