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"Listen pig-fucker, can I call you pig-fucker?"
"No, only my friends can call me pig-fucker."
It's Baseball... it's Basketball... it's Baseketball!
by JOKa August 25, 2003

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another way of sayin whats up
"yo whats good boy"
by Joka January 24, 2004

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balls that men bounce, and play handball with.
those boobies make life a whole lot better
by JOKa July 31, 2003

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its not over until the fat man sings, see hany. He loves these words, and acting like a leb wannabe.
"heebaa i smell brownies baking, im fully sick!!"
by JOKa August 03, 2003

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what you need to be a hack-saw (hacker)
and lo, I was shat upon, and I weeped in the skill of his anus
by JOKa August 13, 2003

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Alan Lam's head.
He has an elongated, fat penis for a head.
by JOKa August 12, 2003

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Japanese currency, Yuto eats it for breakfast.
With my elite skills, I will YEN you up!
by JOKa September 03, 2003

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