A beautiful young lady who is talented, smart,and very funny. She has the best sense of humor and is the life of the party. She sometimes can be a bit of a wallflower and doesn't say anything. But with the friends she does have, they love her. You do not want to make her mad.
"Look at her with her humor and all her friends. She is so awesome."
- "Well duh man- she's Hattie."
by rainbowunicorn77 April 13, 2015
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The most beautiful girl you know. She can never get off your mind. She has a great sense of humor. She is an awesome artist and really athletic. An awesome friend and maybe an even better girlfriend. All the girls want to be like Hattie. You want to tell her everything but she is so beautiful you get tongue tied. She is a very hard worker. She cooks the most amazing food. She is very smart and you can talk about whatever you want with her. Hattie= the most amazing girl in the world.
Wow look at that amazing girl!
Dude that's Hattie
by Hi4134014 April 06, 2013
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One of the nicest people you will wver meet. She is fun and a little strange....but that's ok because you are too!

You have the BEST times together!

You will most likely have special inside jokes and stories with meanings with a Hattie
Hey Hattie.... Lets play THE GAME!
by La Belle Rose April 26, 2012
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The 2nd coolest person ever, besides sumi. Way cooler then a kaitlyn.
Wow that girl is way cooler then a kaitlyn but not as cool as a sumi,Shes such a Hattie
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
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A gigantic lard ass. She's like a horse but instead of kicking you when you're behind her she will sit down and suffocate you with her fat cheeks and beefy lips.
Person 1: who is that humongous beast

Person 2: that's Hattie, I heard she has the

longest, fishiest bussy lips in the school

Person 1: oh no she's approaching us

Hattie: *shits on the floor and uses it as a slip n slide*
by psuedœnym May 06, 2020
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