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Dian is a very beautiful (although that seems like an under-statement) girl. Her petite structure will have anyone looking up petite in the middle of the night. She tends to be light-skin. Do not call her beautiful because I guarantee she already knows that.
Damn, you must be a Dian
by RICHBWOY October 08, 2016
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A girl who you will love too much; a caring person with gentle heart and pretty personality inside and out;
She is fun to talk to; a good listener.
She is dian
by Prettylilprincess September 14, 2017
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noun; verb
expressing an irrational solution for a everyday problem;
impulsive and immature idea without thought;
to say an thought or idea that requires facepalm;
you just pulled a dian

wow, you just dianed

example of a "dian":
"if oil is running out everyday, why don't we just make more?"
"if people are starving to death, why don't we feed them?"
"why don't we just ship money to poorer nations?"
by FCMJ April 27, 2010
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A Dian is a man which resembles a dinosaur. Generally is tall, with a sonic the hedgehog hairstyle.
Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Dian-o-saur
by Xaveria February 07, 2010
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Male person (dee-han) Somoene who is very loyal and honest. You eill never meet a better kisser or life partner than this person. Always be greatful if you have a Dian in your life!
Dian is my favourite person.
by June 03, 2018
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