When someone says something sus or pause worthy.
FlightReacts - Top 10 worst balls I’ve played with
Me - Ayoo?
by I eat my cereal with a fork April 18, 2021
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(Pronounced ayoooouu)

The thing you say after something you are proud/happy/excited of.

Exclamation of excitement, a mix of TURNNNNNNUPPP & YO

The more O's the more annoying/excited you are ;)
"Ready to get smashed as f*ck tonight ayoooooo"

"Scored 95% on this badass midterm ayooo"

"I can't believe they booked deadmau5 again, ayooooo"
by cyboirette February 24, 2014
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NYC slang representing sus or homo action in everyday life(usually food that look like cum)
by King Yemma December 13, 2020
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Ayo is said when a boy is being sus as fuck and/or weird.

Can be also used to say wassup or whats good
22gz: yo i want a footlong in my mouth at subway
Coach: Ayoo ?
22gz: no homo no homo
Coach:.. hell nah you gay as fuck my nigga
by VllonePacks March 31, 2021
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Someone who is hype and always enthusiastic, especially at parties
Collins is such an Ayoo
by BIGBUDDY2400 November 15, 2018
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gissel states ayo isnt a word but sarah & cristian say other wise. ayoo andres & rhean r cool <3.
gissel is sus asfk for not thinking ayoo isnt a word <3.
by sar. October 26, 2020
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