A Canadian EDM dude named Joel who wears a mouse head all the time. Pronounced dead•mouse but the idiots at my school are always saying dead•mau•5. Don't be like the idiots at my school.
Recommendation: Strobe is a beautiful song.
Me: I wanna go to a deadmau5 (said correctly) concert.
Friend: I think you mean deadmau5 (said incorrectly). Learn how to read.
Me: Why don't you take your own advice.
by Hoyuten December 28, 2019
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Canada's apology for Justin Bieber. Apology accepted.
I'm excited about the Deadmau5 concert tonight.
by DJ Utster April 10, 2011
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An extremely popular electronic music producer and performer. He is Canadian born and is currently based out of Toronto. According to various sources deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) was the 6th most popular "DJ" in 2009.

Technically deadmau5 is not a disk jockey as he performs his tracks semi-live using the program Ableton Live and various gadgets that are not disks, and he does not ride race horses. Therefore neither the words "disk" or "jockey" have anything to do with what he does with music.

Some of deadmau5's more popular songs include "Ghosts n Stuff", "The Reward is Cheese", and "FML"
I can't wait to go to the deadmau5 show!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
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Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, (pronounced "dead mouse") is a Canadian progressive-house music producer from the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

He released his first album in 2005 titled 'Get Scraped' and since has released 6 other albums.
Get Scraped (2005)
Vexillology (2006)
Random Album Title (2008)
For Lack of a Better Name (2009)
4x4=12 (2010)
Album Title Goes Here (2012)
7 (2013)
by PoppinToaster December 21, 2013
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Deadmau5...is not a mouse as most would believe, but a super hot guy from Canada named Joel.

He wears a mouse mask that covers his entire head, making him look like a dead mouse who plays electronic music, and at times, collapses on stage, causing mass destruction and potential electrocution.
Oh my god! Deadmau5 isn't a mouse?? I never knew that!! I always thought he was a small woodland creature!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
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A super hot Live PA who I am in love with.
I wish deadmau5 would marry me. My life would then be complete.
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
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A canadian based tech house/electronic house "DJ".
Not to be pronounced "dead mau 5". You will be pimpslapped if so. Pronounce "deadmouse".
I went to a deadmau5 concert. It was a freaking rave party.
by wahoo March 21, 2013
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