Ayanda beautiful person in and out close to an angel,Ayanda is a name of Xhosa origin meaning "They are increasing".Ayanda's a generally amazing sweet,smart,crazy handsome/beautiful and caring people.Usually compared to Idris Elba as guys and Alicia Keys as girls, an be down to earth at times,and be extremely savage when triggered.They have fun but also bind to do whats right and help those in need,Ayanda is willing to sacrifice for you once you both bond.They can actually witness right of wrong actions and feel the need to go against wrong doings like actual hero.They do they best to comfort you when you hurt,pick you up when you fall and guide you when you lost,make you laugh and smile when you sad.They struggle being open with their feelings but open up when you get deeper and closer to them and ACTUALLY understand their balance in life and in their soul,Ayanda's love those who are true to themselves and are usually fit as hell,are artists and can be extremely funny,boyfriend/husband material.They are emotional people so treat them right and treating yourself right as they hate seeing those closest to them in pain because they end up feeling pain.If you know or have an Ayanda treat them with love and respect and just smile because they feed off positive energy,do not hurt them cause they will walk out of your life so painfully feeling heartbreak cause you really feel it in your heart when their presence and energy is no longer there with you it really hurts.
Ayanda you just amazing, you know you the best thing that has ever happened to me so far,i love you.
by just no pressure.. March 15, 2020
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Usually the first born, translated to mean "They're increasing" which usually represents the foundation of more to come. It is a unisex name and its owners sure do live up to its standard by being great leaders and pillars of strength for all, regardless of the relationship they share with them. They're thinkers, givers and all-round good people with big hearts and amazing personality. They're emotional people who may sometimes have they're good nature eploited by others.
Ayanda Patosi Is A South African born Soccer player.

Ayanda recently gave birth to twins.
by saucysuzie April 21, 2013
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A South African unisex name. Has an amazing personality and always knows how to make people laugh. At times they could be savage. They speak their mind and have no chill but overall they are nice friends to hang with.
by Guesswhobitch July 25, 2018
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A boy who's birthday is being celebrated on 26 July 2020. A friendly person who loves business, is hard working, talented, thus gets good grades at school. He has a charismatic personality and has a goal in life. I respect him and I believe one day the world will know him for something.
Ayanda once said "science is useless"
by I AM AN ALIEN July 26, 2020
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A kind and loyal.
A kind friend, loves people she is talented and creative. Some have a dark side Ayanda means to improve in something. A Ayanda thinks about strange things time to time when you need a Ayanda she's there for you even if your enemy
by BridgetteParkies October 22, 2019
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A name of South African origin meaning "First born" and "An extension to the family".
Ayanda came home from work?
by Deucedroppa September 17, 2007
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A person that's wants to go to prom with Harald
Ayanda will you go to prom with me
by ??????????!!! January 17, 2017
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