A tribe or culture which carries or boosts its nation to reach its utmost potential.
If it weren't for the Xhosa peeps, our nation would be in shambles.
by MLK01 November 4, 2019
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The black language spoken in the Cape in South Africa, mainly Eastern Cape. Also the second most commonly spoken language, the first being Zulu, and the third being Afrikaans. Xhosa is also famous for its many different clicks and difficulty for white people to pronunce. Many South African kids learn Xhosa at school, alongside Afrikaans or English.

The Xhosa people are also famous for being some of the most friendly in the world.

The Xhosa language is also used in the blockbuster hit film Tsotsi.
Thambo: "Molo bhuti! Uphila njani?"
Nelson: "Hayi, sikhona. Wena uphila njani?"
Thambo: "Hayi, sikhona, enkozi kakuhle."
Nelson: "Hey Thambo, ùyafunda ukuqhuba?"
Thambo: "Ewe, bhuti. Ndiyafunda ukuqhuba."

Thambo: "Hey brother! How are you?"
Nelson: "Fine. And as for you how are you?"
Thambo: "Fine, thank you very much."
Nelson: "Thambo, are you learning to drive?"
Thambo: "Yes, brother. I'm learning to drive."
by Alex Rawlings February 11, 2007
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The international language of choice for Call Centres.
I phoned up to pay the Gas Bill and the bloke at the other end told me a filthy joke in fluent Xhosa while he was processing my transaction.

It went 'click, pop, phut, tonk, whir, ptow.

I have to admit it now... I pissed myself!
by jonimethfan October 20, 2011
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