A person who works their ass off during the season .. in the summer and in the off season to accomplish great goals.
a soccer player is a person who is very close with her team mates learns alot of responisablity and the meaning of team work . Soccer players are mostly viewed as very muscular ... strong emotionly and phisucaly ... and would pretty much work their ass off to get simply one touch on the ball ... soccer is a sport of passion is played with your heart every minute is put to use workingto achive the highest pationtalwith your team, this means that you can never give up and never give in for your giving up not on yourslef buton your dreams and your team. soccer is a sport that can not be taken lightly,it is nothing but GIVING IT ALL YOU GOT not only for yourslef but for your TEAM !!!

Soccer is a sport of ambition <3
wow she works really hard without giving up she must be a soccer player<3
by meee... March 5, 2007
a kid with brown hair and brown eyes that is going to be a professional soccer player. he never gives up and keeps on fighting. Italy is his city and mexico is his country.
{man }in the crowd "wow that soccer player sure seems good" {man sitting next to him} " yea hes going to play professional one day"
by sport definitions February 24, 2019
A new derrogitory term equivilent to the f-bomb
by Goaliekid12 October 7, 2010
A soccer player is a boy/girl that is awesome. They work really hard and get hurt constantly. They are strong and players of the best sport, unlike football players.
Wow that person is super fast, they must be a soccer player. ⚽️
by Hehe👞👞 December 9, 2019
a boy who is probably blonde and absolutely hot and has nice leg muscles
wow that guy must be a soccer player he’s so cute!
by buffalove716 February 5, 2019
Guys who like to give each other excuses to be physical (without the padding) and kick each other in the balls. Also the sport where the entire team will light up a dubbe quick before a game. 9 out of 10 are potheads and the other 1 is just plain gay.
Ask any college student about soccer players.. the response.. oh u mean the potheads?!
by peterpan1220 April 21, 2006
A soccer player at JMU; have extremely hot bodies (very sexy abs), only has friends who are other soccer players. Also a player who thinks he can get with any girl because he's is in the soccer team, even if he doesnt play. Known for their style and accents (if they are european). Have plenty of STDs, continue to get girls and never call them the next day. Also throw awesome parties at the soccer house.
"I had sex with a JMU soccer player last night, he didnt even ask for my number; so typical"
by jmusoccer February 28, 2010