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-To be most uncomfortable in a situation. Most of us have experienced awkwardness when having to talk in front of a large group of people with the usual "so yea" and "so like".

-Another form of awkwardness would be when talking in person and being really really unsure and unusual about your actions and words. Not knowing what do except acting "awkward" ( See Awkward ) Unintentionally.

Handsome Guy: "Hey beauitful"
Girl: -nods, smiles, and turns red-
Handsome Guy: "Your awkwardness. It's adorable"
Girl: -still nodding- "Ha yepp..."
by PabsCerv November 02, 2014
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The only thing more powerful than love.
That level 35 love doesn't stand a chance against my level 35 awkwardness!
by TigWig360 December 15, 2016
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(Awkwardness) when your friend gets hurt and then the awkward one is in the corner asking what time we are all going in for our dinners
by The_real_nibba_is_jack May 26, 2018
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noun; A feeling felt in situations causing embarrassment
Guy: -searches Urban dictionary for awkwardness, finds no definition, awkwardness-
Walks into class teacher tells him/her to sit next to ex, awkwardness
lawling at joke about person, person walks up and asks why everyone's laughing, awkwardness
by NoobNeb November 18, 2011
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