machine that you put change into, so that u can buy the smack you always wanted. The sucker won't except my canadian and chuckycheese tokens, god i hate life.
Ooo a penny, i can take this to the coin star and get .8 pennies back.
by jerryblank May 12, 2005
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The act of a man dropping, stuffing, or wedging his scrotum (or coin-purse)into a recipients anus (or chocolate starfish), tapping the recipient on the body or, if possible, face, with the sack after removing it.

One of the many sexual hate-pranks available to men, this one is particularly difficult. Because of the degree of self sacrifice involved, the act signifies that the performer truly hates the recipient; a great deal more than he hates hurting himself.
1: Fuck, I can't believe Jill ran out on our wedding. What the hell am I going to tell my grandparents who flew in from Columbia?

2: You know what, if, she begs for you back, you should agree and then Coin Star that bitch.

1: I don't know if I've got it in me...

2: If you don't, I do. I fucking hate that bitch.
by SmashieSmash May 01, 2009
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