deep feelings of astonished wonderment.
The aweness of being is sometimes more than we can emotionalize.
by Jimmy Fedd June 22, 2016
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prononunced ah-where-ness (dont say the 'r')1.An expression used when you see or hear or experience something cool. For example you're with T.I for a day. You say "aweness" coz thats how you feel.2.A slang greeting
1.For example you're with T.I for a day.
2.'Aweness my friend!'
by Shaxmeister April 18, 2009
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An expression typically used in order to express surprise in either a joyful or sad context.
Guy: I love you.
Girl: Aw, you're so sweet.

Guy: My grandma died yesterday.
Girl: Aw, my condolences.
by SpatentRider October 21, 2019
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When you see, hear, read, etc., something cute or adorable. Very likely to be used by girls in text messages, and in conversations in general.
Can also be used if they don't know what to say. As in Awe okay

*can be emphasized by using multiple e's*
Boyfriend: I'm still tired from earlier, like really tired bae
Girlfriend: Aweebae, sounds like you needa take a nap
by Kakashisan21 March 7, 2019
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A word that a girl uses just before she friendzones someone.
Guy: I've had a crush on you for awhile.
Girl: Aw, you're so sweet, but I only like you as a friend.
by RandomGuy9929 September 19, 2014
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Awe 'noun' (pronounced Ah-Weh) is one of the most commonly used slang terms most spoken in Cape Town, South Africa and the most used slang word across all races in the country.

It's versatility as a word is what makes it so common. It's generally used as a greeting, but can also be used as an exclamation of agreement or excitement.

The actual origin of this word has not yet been recorded.
As a greeting:

Joe: Tony, watsup?
Tony: Awe!

As an exclamation of agreement:

Joe: Isn't that Stacy's Mom?
Tony: Awe!

As an exclamation of excitement:

Joe: Hey, Tony, guess who's got 500gb of porn.

Tony: Awe!
by EZMickey January 17, 2009
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