The Alphamale of the society! Angelic Looks, Charming as it can get, chick hunter, and you bet he can give you the best night of your life!
Awad, you sexy beast!
by mr.niceguy128 February 20, 2012
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He's a deep, rare, and hard to compensate for anything. He doesn't repeat twice. He's a smart, beautiful and powerful person who may make you happy and distressed and know how people attends him, knows what to do and thinks he needs something in his life, but he doesn't know that everyone in his life needs him, I love you, be fine, take care of yourself. You deserve more smiling because you have the most beautiful smiles.

lady maria 73

1 December 2020 7:00 pm
by Lady Maria 73 December 01, 2020
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A scholar of Sheffield Hallam University. Can be found in his natural habitat practicing Haram activities such as GAMBLE-ing, smoking the sheesha, or playing on slot machines in Hollywood bowl.
Woah, look at that Awad, he's a right Harami - allah allah
by Coolkid94 March 19, 2013
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A person who likes to rape Daniel On, Myles Torres, and ESPECASIALLY: Danny Polio, he will always play xbox and sometimes even rapes it. He is a homo who has an aim bot on MW2 As he rapes Paul and Christain Hernades. He also likes it up the butt
by Linkfreaawad May 31, 2011
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a spastic white girl who thinks she is ghetto
Look at that awad over there with the cornrows. shooot, that girl thinks she's black.
by kimberly December 16, 2003
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A squad held at bay middle school, which consists of a bunch of weird band kids bowing down to their prophet, Mark Awad otherwise know as Mr. Awad or Marky Mark

Ur so so snazzy, are u in the Awad Squad?
Isn't Awad a god?
by mArK aWaD March 18, 2019
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Mahmound Awad is an Arabic electropop artist from the future designed to destroy the senses and ensnare the souls of those not worthy of its greatness. He came from planet Zordon where the Islam religion has reigned supreme for over 9000 millenniums. He brought with him the sounds of his native planet, both in nudity and aurality. Perhaps we will someday find out how this artist was able to send his album back in time. This album must be treated with great respect, because it is the first that has been sent back in time to us.

He is also a gigantic boner.
Mahmoed Awad is the best electropop artist around.
by fagge June 02, 2011
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