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A famous Russian basketball player in Russia.
by Kimberly December 29, 2004

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Slang term used in place of the word ever. Came from internet chat speak.
You're the lamest guy effar!
That was teh bestest movie effar!
by Kimberly November 12, 2004

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the code name for getting high
ring ring
"hey man what are you doin"
"im chillaxin dude"
by kimberly May 17, 2005

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the red mark resulting from a dick smack
She has a rasperry beret. She got smack in the face with a dick and now has a red mark on her cheek.
by Kimberly February 26, 2004

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the sexual description of a female or "chick" "hot piece of ass" or "eye candy" either of the three will not surpass the point of sexdy. Sexdy is beyond and above, the ultimate of vulgar language to women.
Dude #1 : "dam that girl is sexdy, id fcuk her".
Dude #2 : "u sure? u might get one of those sexdy diseases".
by Kimberly August 10, 2003

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Not only is it a popular cartoon on Comedy Central, it is also a common fighting place. This sacred place is located in Genoa, Nebraska and was started by local Twin River students.
Mrs. Cook invited her rival Mrs. Wilgocki down to South Park.

South Park after school! Two on two!
by Kimberly March 02, 2005

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the word wolla means word and holla it can be used for pretty much anything. Because when you say word it means i understand or ditto and when you say holla it means what'up
Hey me and my boyfriend just got in a fight.(then you say) wolla
by kimberly August 15, 2004

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