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An prestigious all-boys prep school located in Avon, Connecticut where the lads fuck the hot Porter's girls and not the skank Walker's girls. These winged beavers are known throughout New England as an exceptional hockey team which will always triumph over Salibury, a school located at the tip of CT, better known as no where. Due to common misconception, AOF does not contain in its premises, homosexuals or protitutes.
"Dude those Porter's girls are so hot for us!"
"We're Avon Old Farms, let's grind their asses."
"Hell yeah."
by anonononimous January 19, 2008
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noun - 1. prep school for the wicked smaaht and the hahdest teachers filled with 12 year olds all the way up to 20 year olds. Grade "A" hockey school that always beats salisbury. Pastels are common currency among the boys, if pastels are not available barter may be performed using porters and walkers "girls". Aspirando et persevererando which translates roughly to "when in doubt, beat one out" or in modern vernacular "if it don't fit in the hole, push harder"
2. "where the boys are boys and so are the girls"
B dizzle: ayo youngin
McCord: ahdaieandakeah
B dizzle:aholla son
McCord:aiamn aewa l;a dwi
Andre: give me the ball, yo!
Dean Jimmy "Napoleon" Detora: What the god damn hell god dammit god damn Andre God dammit
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An all guys boarding school, where most boys end up at college, harvard, yale, columbia, pennslyvania. All extremely smart,and are smart enough not to go to a dick school like salisbury. Always Wins In hockey. And seems to be growing rapidly in all sports.
AOF GUY: Hmm Im going to harvard and i have three girls in my bed

Salisbury Idiot: Oh, im going to university of ohio, but i got one of my boyz in my bed
by Blue April 25, 2005
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Avon Old Farms is a boarding school for young men smack dab in Avon Connecticut. One is apt to find jocks, preps, stoners and alchoholics alike in this STD breeding haven. The typical Avon boy is most likely to be found with a drink in one hand, a slut in the other and their varying range of pastel pants.
This AOF dude is totally smokin!
by - Porter's Girl April 07, 2005
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AOF is maybe the highest respected boarding school in the nation. Students bang lots of chicks, win new england titles, and get into very solid schools. One only wishes they could attend such an institution. It's building are beautiful and perfect for hiding young women. What other school enjoys a rat problem? The Quad rat is the most sought after meal on the Avon boys diet of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches.
example 1:Hey Chip dont you wish you could be the coolest dude ever and go to Avon and not wear sweet white sweaters with D's on them?

example 2: "Wow, I wish I could have beaten Avon in hockey. I mean we were supposed to kill them. They were just to good and beat us 6-2. I guess they are just the best thing since sliced bread."- a salisbury hockey player.
by stinky beaver July 06, 2005
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all boys prep school made up of hockey players and other athletes. sports come first and academics come in somewhere else much farther down the line, allowing for many of the boys to have quite possibly a negative IQ. All will die of mouth cancer from dipping too much or go to jail for murdering someone after taking too many steroids. usually completely belligerent on the weekends and it takes a kid throwing up on the dean's desk to even get suspended. spend most of their free time either stalking girls on facebook or screwing quad rats and other such skanks from miss porters, ethel walkers, miss halls, westover, etc. students suffer from an affliction known as avon goggles, caused by the overall desperation to see girls. refer to girls as bitties. students usually only go on to good schools because they play mass amounts of sports, but there is the occasional nerd who is actually intelligent and does work.
"i play varsity hockey at avon old farms." -typical aof pickup line.
by i hate having a pseudonym July 10, 2008
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All boys prep school in CT. Run by the Hockey Players who are looked upon as Gods. Screw the hell out of miss porters n ethel walker girls. Call the skanks "bitties".
Back to back new england championships. All the haters can suck ITTTT. EWS and MPS keep the bitties comin...
by asperando et perseverando April 13, 2005
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