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When you eat something spicy and when you poop it feels like your ass is on fire. Then you should tweet AOF to let the people know your pain
by Nighthawk5000 July 04, 2013
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Anti-Oppression Federation

A group of misfits that have been terrorizing the internet since 1999.

They tend to attack message boards that oppress free speech, but their main goal is just to make fun of as many people as possible.

Trolls of the lowest ilk and mostly mentally disabled.
The AOF is known to have attacked the bioware message boards,, theweightboard, It' and .net and many other locations around the internet.

Resposible for the utter downfall of several message forums.


The AOF is a wild pack of flaccid miscreants. called the AOF children of satan
by DammitBoy! October 23, 2005
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Tagging Krew from La Quinta and Palm Springs, California. Stands for "Artists On Fire." Artists include: Cesar, Klevor and Panek. Their favorite places to tag are the walls just outside of Whitewater Country Club, businesses in Palm Springs, La Quinta High School, and businesses & street signs in La Quinta. They specialize in naked Disney cartoon characters, streakers and glass etching.
Looks like AOF bombed the no parking signs again!

That's the third AOF tag I have dusted this week!
by BlackhawkDustingKrew October 10, 2013
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Stands for "ASS ON FACE".
Hey dude, did you see Scollard AOF Davies yesterday?

Yeah man that was some funny shiat
by bonglord April 30, 2004
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Stands for Asses of Fire, commonly referring to extremely bad diarrhea caused by eating spicy foods and drinking lots of alcohol.
Get outta my way I've got some bad AOF on the way....
by Kimber December 13, 2004
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Player 1: Player 3 is AOF
Player2: Yeah I know
Player 3: hkglsdkjahfljkhasd
Player 3:fdsjashkfashdjkfdf
--------Player 3 has been banned by Admin 1---------
by Auron FFX June 18, 2016
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