The act of giving a woman's vagina a noogie.
Tammy was overjoyed when Yan layed the avian on her.
by Felix Pundi December 19, 2005
Avian is a very rare unique girl, usually a blonde. She had eyes like the ocean and a smile like no other. She has the body of a goddess. Avian tends to get attached to easy and has a huge heart. She loves hard but don’t let that fool you cause when she’s done, she’s done.! She’s a very fun out going person and she is very easy to talk to. Avian is usually a shy person but if you get to know her she is crazy. She is a very forgiving person. You could do her so wrong and she can easily still forgive you. Don’t let her go she is one of a kind and you will end up missing her. All of her ex’s end up missing her. She secretly still loves her first love.
“Did you see Avian today ?”

Yeah she’s with her boyfriend
“As always”
by Vic.ona123 January 19, 2018
a naive woman that is often found to be extremely spontaneous and therefore irresistible to the opposite sex; commonly desired by the opposite sex for her charm and beauty; one that is viewed as soaring above the competition
That avian is probably going to an Ivy League university, like Yale or Brown, in the fall.
by brownvscornell2 August 31, 2010
This kid from the Bronx that knows what to say when to say it to brighten up your most darkest days. Amazing friend, great lover, but also the worse enemy. You have to be intriguing to catch his interest or he will just walk past you.
Guy: Hey I heard you were friends with Aviane.?
Girl: Yeah, he's actually amazing. Knows how to make me smile after a really bad break up.
by Gee_GotInk November 18, 2013
Spoof nickname for "angry birds", often used by those who think the game is overly hyped and/or ridiculous.
All she does is sit at her desk and play irritated avians all day. It's pathetic.
by truemyth September 24, 2011
The logo for the YouTube Channel, Rusty Cage. It is supposed to be a bird in the shape of a cross.
Snap 1: “Do you know what ‘Avian’ means?”

Snap 2: “Yeah?”
Snap 1: “Do you know what ‘Crux’ means?”

Snap 2: “Vaguely...”
Snap 1: “Well, there you go, Avian Crux... I guess...”
by SaintSesame January 16, 2019