1. Someone who cares more about other people than themselves.

2. Having little or no concern for oneself.

3. Devoted to others.
"She's so selfless, I can't believe she gave her 50$ to a hobo."

"Christy is helping her abusive boyfriend get his life back and she doesn't even love him anymore. Why is she being so selfless?"
by SpaceGuns January 24, 2010
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When you post a picture that you are NOT in. It is not a selfie.....it is a selfless ! Submitted by Judi Hirst of Chicago November 2019
The photo I posted is my first selfless!
by Juma2008 November 24, 2019
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someone who lacks a sense of self. usually someone who is selfless ends up as an emo or a depressant, and is constantly mad at the world, and his dog.
O.M.G that kid looks so selfless... why doesn't he/she just go kill him/herself? -_-
by I3 /\/\ >< 1 C 4 /\/ December 8, 2008
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When a person cares enough to take a risk on their own gain to do, give or say some thing for another person. Without ever expecting a token in return for the deed, act, or accomplishment made from it.

A firefighter that goes back into a burning home, for the last person in the building with a roof collapsing with out the fear of loosing his/her own life. The friend at school that may help you with a project you have no idea how to fix and never ask you for returning the favor, but a simple thank you. A mentor that doesn’t ask for money to help you threw a problem. A complete stranger that may be a match, giving an organ to a young child/adult to save a life.

There are many types of selfless people and many types of selflessness in this world that can accomplish a better future that are ignored and taken for granted every day.

I met a young lady once that had lost her grandmother to illness and was left a home and a large family dowry. The sad part was, the rest of the family i.e. aunts and uncles, threatened to tie up the home and the funds in litigation for every penny until they got what they claimed they deserved. This girl was an idea of selfless. Although she was young and wished to move into her grandmother’s home and go to college with the money to better her life, she wanted not to fight the family in court over her grandmother’s positions.
She felt it was wrong to fight over such frivolous things as money and knew in her heart that the love she shared with her grandmother in life was worth more to her than any wealth that would ever come from it. She felt even though they were selfish and didn’t deserve any of it, she relinquished the dowry to the children of her grandmother and gave it all up. She watched the family sell off all of her grandmother’s positions and gamble away all the money. Go on vacations, by planes, and live it up while they clamed what a failure she was years later after giving up the home and the money. One day when it hit her hard that her life was a mess, her family was horrid and she could never afford to go to college she cried herself to sleep. Her grandmother came to her and said, “I want you to find some thing for me child. There is a box we buried in our special place we read together when you were young. Do you remember it?” The granddaughter replied, “Yes grandma.” She went to the tree and began to dig. When she found the box she cried again remembering how much she missed her grandmother reading to her under the sun. She opened the box and inside where 3 loose 4ct. diamonds and $5,000 her grandmother had buried in the yard. She had always had a stash of money hidden in different places in her house for a rainy day. Some times when your lucky an ounce of selflessness will bring your dreams when you least expect it to.
by SheIsnpiredMYlife May 9, 2010
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