The small wet stain on your underwear (and, in desperate cases, your trousers) caused by putting your dick back after taking a piss without shaking properly. Named after the English national football stadium (presumably due to the shape of the stadium). Not something that impresses the ladies: be warned, splashes from the sink when washing hands can give the same effect. Um... but you should still wash your hands, of course. Particularly evil on light coloured trousers.
You probably don't want to say "Nice Wembley, mate!". You shouldn't be looking.
by Def Jem May 12, 2005
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Every kid who went here hates it but they're all better then the rest. We all hate our life but at least we're smart
"I'm from Wembley high technology college and therefore better then you"
by Fuckeverythingandyourmother October 21, 2020
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The musical hardcore trance/screamo act 'Clumsy Child Syndrome' performing at Wembley Stadium.

Water Bottle: I heard Clumsy Child Syndrome are playing Wembley. Clumsy Child Syndrome at Wembley Stadium? Scarpering hampers huh?
Magazine: NO!
Wembley Stadium announcement: Due to Prozac limited the following houses have been demolished...10!
Magazine: NO!

by preqq May 28, 2008
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Line of hair leading directly to a man's genital area. Also known as a 'stairway to heaven'.
Girl 1: Did you see Jack's dark trail of hair under his belly-button at the beach yesterday?
Girl 2: Oh, you mean his road to Wembley?
by Mylosc July 17, 2013
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A handsome, carefree, persistent, consistent and magnificent human being who's sarcasm is incomparable.
You are such a Wembley
by Juju Royale September 15, 2019
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