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The act of cruising around in a Chevy Avalanche with the mid gate down, the sun roof open, all the windows down, and the music blasting. A fun activity.
Guy 1: Where's that music comming from?

Guy 2: Oh that's just Ruj Avalanching.

Guy 1: Aww, I wish I had his life!
by Lacoste Lauren October 09, 2011
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An act of Corprophelia in which one deficates at the highest point of a partner's body, that being the top of the head or shoulders, the goal being to create an avalanche of piping hot fecal matter down said partner's body.
George Bush is totally "avalanching" the American people.

by Scatman Crothers February 01, 2007
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To gently shake your food in order remove any possible crumbs from falling mid bite that may cause embarrassment.
Good thing Ben Avalanched his sandwich, otherwise that tomato would have fallen and bounced on his date Sasha.

Audrey has perfect form Avalanching that burrito.
by r3astard May 31, 2010
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See snowballing (after ejaculation in someone's mouth, they pass it to another person, or the person who came in the first place). Avalanching is passing said 'snowball' down a line of people...thus, an avalanche.
Gamma Alpha Phi were busy avalanching at their toga party, and didn't notice the cops at the door.
by PrincessCummings March 18, 2012
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The act of indulging in the illegal drugs cocaine and molly together, simultaneously.
This ratchet group of friends were avalanching at the rave.
by stifler493 November 20, 2014
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