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Sweet, loving, person! Gorgeous girl! Cares a lot about the environment and loves animals! If you ever meet one you will know just how sweet, funny, kind and they can be! :) Ava can be a little bit crazy but, girls just want to have fun! Right! Ava probably has big dreams that she will make sure come true.
Dude 1: Hey look it's that funny new girl!
Dude 2: I bet her name is Ava
by ASL4life January 21, 2017

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The nicest, funniest, most thoughtful person you will ever meet. Super sporty and cool. Hopefully you will get to meet one.
Did you see that awesome shot by Bastian.
by ASL4life January 20, 2017

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Someone who makes cheesy jokes and is the only one laughing at them, though he is super sweet and emotional. He loves a good game and is a bit of a rule follower so don't be a cheater. A Greek name originated from the Greek Goddess Demeter.
Wow he's laughing at his own joke. I bet his name is Demetri.
by ASL4life January 28, 2017

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