Very, very hot. Will grab anyone's attention. Amazing sense in style. usually shy.
Person 1: Check out the new girl, she's so beautiful.
Person 2: Oh definitely, I Bet her names Ava.
by jojo loco May 15, 2015
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Fucking Fabulous. She is the kind of person who might be annoying every now and then, but she is a great friend to have.
Ava is so fabulous- I can't
Omg Ava is bæ
by notkimkardashian February 03, 2015
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Ava, and brown head beauty. She is sexy and very funny. Has lots of friends. And can get any boy she wants. She is amazing, don't let her app away
Guy 1:Whoa! Who's that's!
Girl1: that's Ava * thinks I am so jealous*
by and angle February 07, 2015
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Sweet, loving, person! Gorgeous girl! Cares a lot about the environment and loves animals! If you ever meet one you will know just how sweet, funny, kind and they can be! :) Ava can be a little bit crazy but, girls just want to have fun! Right! Ava probably has big dreams that she will make sure come true.
Dude 1: Hey look it's that funny new girl!
Dude 2: I bet her name is Ava
by ASL4life January 21, 2017
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Ava is a drop-dead gorgeous girl. Commonly a red-head, but can have any hair color. Usually tall and very fit. Ava likes to dress casually, (while still looking good) but can put on something sexier to make you simply stare. An Ava is commonly a ballet dancer, yet an Ava will be committed to anything she sets her mind to. Ava is funny- very funny, has a thick skin, is adventurous, and likes to keep personal matters private. A real Ava is a rare find, and one of the best people you will ever meet.
Justin: I always want to be around her.. and every time I'm near her she gives me this special feeling. She really makes me laugh, and I don't want to let her go... but I'm too nervous to make a move.

Ian: Wait a second... is her name Ava?

Justin: Yes?! How did you know?

Ian: I just knew. That sounds just like an Ava. Don't let her go. You'll never find someone like her again, trust me.
by fangster918 May 19, 2015
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That super cute girl that you always want to be around. She is beautiful and you'd think her father was a thief and put the stars in her eyes. She is the best prom date ever and she is always living it up. She is very nice and courteous and has a lot of pretty friends.
Is that Ava?
Yah wow her eyes are beautiful.
by Wolfe12346 May 29, 2012
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Ava is a gorgeous girl . She also is a bad bitch and ain't afraid to fuck anybody up . Dont ever mess with her loved ones cause what you do she will come back 10 times harder . She loves sports but also has a girly side . She is not easy and knows a fuckboy when she sees one . She has many side of her self just never get onto her bad one , cause thats a tough one to get out of .
Jayquan : Ayy nigga theres a cute as girl over there.
Trey: you right go holla at her
Jayquan: she look like she dont go for the player type.

Trey : he name must be ava .

jay: well mami fine
by Lil Baller babyyy October 07, 2015
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