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Chinese word - Safe.

Ane, On, One, Auchun or Aun the Old (Audhun, the same name as the A-S name Edwin) was the son of Jorund and one of the Swedish kings of the House of Yngling, the ancestors of Norway's first king, Harald Fairhair.

Aun was a wise king who sacrificed greatly to the gods, but he was not a warlike king and preferred to live in peace. Consequently, he was attacked by the Danish prince Halfdan (the son of Fróði, the son of Dan the Arrogant, the founder of Denmark). Aun lost the battles and fled to the Geats in Västergötland, where he stayed for 25 years until Halfdan died in his bed in Uppsala and was buried in a mound.

King Aun could return to Uppsala, but he was 60 years old. In order to live longer he sacrificed his own son to Odin who promised him that he could live for another 60 years. However, after 25 years, Aun was attacked by Halfdan's cousin Ale the Strong. Aun lost several battles and had to flee a second time to Västergötland. Ale the Strong ruled in Uppsala for 25 years until he was killed by Starkad the old.

After Ale the Strong's death, Aun could return to Uppsala. Once again, Aun sacrificed a son to Odin, but this time Odin said that he would live as long as he sacrificed a son every ten years and that he had to name one of the Swedish provinces after the number of sons he sacrificed.

When Aun had sacrificed a son for the seventh time, he was so old that he could not walk but had to be carried on a chair. When he had sacrificed a son for the eighth time, he could no longer get out of his bed. When he had sacrificed his ninth son, he was so old that he had to feed by suckling a horn like a little child.

After ten years he wanted to sacrifice his tenth and last son and name the province of Uppsala the ten lands. However, the Swedes refused to allow him this sacrifice and so he died. He was buried in a mound at Uppsala and succeeded by his last son Egil. From that day, dying in bed of old age was called Aun's sickness among the Scandinavians.
You might have seen chinese hang a red ribbon string with a green jade ring from the rearvision mirror in their cars, on the ring there will be the chinese symbol meaning safe this in pin yin is "Aun". They believe that hanging this will keep them safe when on the roads.
by Sarah MichelleYoung December 21, 2007
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Aun's are the best type of people. They can be weird and lame but their best friend still bares them. Aun's are usually all rounders. They are cute too but their best friend doesn't tell them this too often to keep them on the line. They are a lot of fun and are special. They can be a loser too. But yeah overall they are nice.
Mahnoor: You see, Aun is my best friend?

Some girl: OMG!! You're so luckyyy.

He's so cute like an Aun.

Man, the party is AUN.
by Your srgknjaog November 22, 2012
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