Aun’s are hot, sexy, loyal, and trustworthy. All the girls want him, he is usually a funny guy who is extremely athletic. Other guys may get jealous of Aun because of his perfect body that all the girls love to touch. Aun is caring to others even though they have don’t him wrong. He is also great in bed and all his girlfriends can vouch for him. He could also be a loner sometimes even though he is popular and known by every one. He is a hands on learner and a quick one in fact.
Erik: why tf is Aun at my party!
Isaac: lol he makes all the parties lit, don’t hate on him just because he took your girl. Lmao
Brianna: OMG!! Is that Aun? He is so fine, tell him to come talk to me.

Josh: bro Aun is such a loser, but he gets big W’s and idk why.

Freddy: Wait didn’t your girl cheat on you with him?
by Realniggasaidit February 8, 2021
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Aun's are the best type of people. They can be weird and lame but their best friend still bares them. Aun's are usually all rounders. They are cute too but their best friend doesn't tell them this too often to keep them on the line. They are a lot of fun and are special. They can be a loser too. But yeah overall they are nice.
Mahnoor: You see, Aun is my best friend?

Some girl: OMG!! You're so luckyyy.

He's so cute like an Aun.

Man, the party is AUN.
by Your srgknjaog November 22, 2012
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Omg that’s definitely an Aun!
by Iamgay_ilikekids April 5, 2022
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Aune is the name of all true Norwegian gods. They are usually really good at making pizzas and love eating almonds.
That guy is literally perfect. He's such an Aune.
by Penise Monkë July 18, 2020
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the Act of a Auns is me mapple and sangwoo auns
oh the sexy auns over there maple
by KID CHAN October 2, 2021
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An unusual Chinese guy who enjoys making lame jokes and unnecessary comments that usually ends up in a backlash, Directly translated may mean a profane word in several Chinese languages
Try not to pull a Kee Aun as this may make you sound quite like an imbecile
by thexx20 November 11, 2013
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something to describe a person as an elite pogchamp king and has to know how to play the spoons
i wish i was cool like the auns
by maple auns July 31, 2021
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