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Its an Emote on thats usually is supposed to symbolize hype or excitment
by SomeRandomGuySir February 23, 2016
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Let me give you the complete etymology of this compound slang word.

It is correct that the first part of this word, POG, refers to the abbreviation for "play of the game". {Source: Wikipedia}

And so hence, Pogchamps would technically (and was probably intended to) refer to someone who is so good at a game that they always get POG.

However, gradually, this term has cultivated a new meaning for members of the streaming website

Now, Pogchamps exists as a versatile Twitch emote used to convey something or someone that is awesome and cool.
The first part of this term, pog, is also commonly used as an adjective or interjection to convey feelings of shock, excitement, and delight.

There is also now a online Chess tournament called PogChamps.
Friend 1: Omg look at my new gaming PC my parents bought me!
Friend 2: Wow that's so pogchamps!

Friend 1: Hey guess what?
Friend 2: What??
Friend 1: I just hit over 10,000 subscribers on my YouTuber channel today!!
Friend 2: Dang you're a pogchamp!
by Obv troll is obvious October 30, 2020
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A great emote twitch removed because gootecks(the face of the emote) had some things to say on Twitter about the capital that twitch didn’t like. Mainly used to show excitement or when something is really awesome. Other variants include pog, or pog with a word in front of it ex.



1: hey, look at this toast

2: wow that’s pretty pogchamp
by Flowerspoat January 10, 2021
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Best twitch emote to ever exist. Used a lot by huge twitch streamer TommyInnit.
PogChamp my people
by Rodrigo Miguel September 30, 2020
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While it used to be of the man Ryan Gutierrez, his tweets lead to his emote, PogChamp, getting removed on twitch. Now, however, twitch have made the emote different everyday; something they're calling the daily PogChamp.
Person 1: Wait, PogChamp got banned?
Person 2: Yeah but twitch is doing the daily PogChamp so it's fine.
by Oachzie January 14, 2021
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