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Oh Sangwoo is a sad soul that *genuinely* needs psychological help. He is shown as an extremely ruthless antagonist to the character Yoonbum in the online comic Killing Stalking. Sangwoo's character clearly portrays the mental conflict of having an undeniable mental illness and being in a relationship with someone. (despite how they came about..) His conflict is a manifestation of years of abuse and family hostility. ((honestly guys, do mental health research.))
Sangwoo doesn't need to die. What he does need is actual help.
by Iwantedtoprovesomething July 18, 2018
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Sangwoo is a Asian with a microscopical dick that wanks of with a tweezer. He also likes to do all the moms of his friends and wears small glasses over his eyes that are barely even open.
Guy 1: that bitch did my mom last night with his small his dick.
Guy 2: that is a sangwoo, no wonder
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by Nameless21savage May 27, 2018
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