August 13th is national early Christmas day. If you want to celebrate Christmas but it's not December 25th, just wait until August 13th for early Christmas day and celebrate! Don't have the exact same celebration though, actual Christmas is supposed to have a bigger celebration!
Bob: hey, what holiday is today?
Joe: Well, it's August 13th so it must be National Early Christmas Day!
Bob: Happy early Christmas!
by cat burrito yeeyee June 30, 2020
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people born on august 13th have massive dicks
John: "Ben, is your birthday August 13th?"
Ben: "Yes John."
John: "You must have a massive dick!"
by notnorton May 23, 2022
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August 13th is the day the absolute angel of a human Na Jaemin was born! Seriously Jaemin from Nct is such a gorgeous person it's hard to believe he exists- he's sweet, adorable, caring, has gorgeous eyes and an even more gorgeous smile, what is not to love about this man <3 He always showers everyone around him with love and is the most precious bean ever <3 if you don't stan him you're missing out on a stunning person and also the absolute talent he holds like his voice? His photography? His cooking? Seriously how does he exist and might I add his visuals- he is so breathtakingly beautiful <3 if you need a serotonin boost everyday looking at Jaemin is exactly what you need <3
Person: omg today is August 13th you know what that means?
Czennie: ofc I do, it's Jaemins birthday!
by Pixiejjaem November 24, 2021
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Long ago a stupid a bitch name An..... was born on this day some say she still wonders around this world and I can confirm that because I am her and that is the day I was born

AuGuSt 13Th boi’s LETS GOOOOOO 🧢🗿🤕👹
Friend1: aye you know dat bitch we hangout with named An...
Friend2: yeah I know dat bitch y you ask

Friend1: it’s her birthday on August 13th so like tomorrow

Friend2: fuckin legendary I’ll get her an apple for her birthday

Friend1: noice
by August 13th July 24, 2019
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