The action of someone audacitating on you, using the audacity on you, using the audacity near you.
Tegan had been audaciated after I scolded her for her audacity.
by Sorah February 3, 2020
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Her plan to cross the Atlantic single-handed in a 12-foot sailboat was audacious, if not reckless.
by LarstaiT November 11, 2003
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A goddess among others. Able to help others see the light in the darkest hour. Can be quiet and serious but slowly becomes a bubbly hilarious person. A loyal mate and a trustworthy friend. A perfectionist who will do whatever it takes to make this world a better place. A true friend that will help in the worst moments and stand by you till all is done.
by Dictionarydiary February 7, 2018
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the act of having big boobs
Damn Anna is sure looking audacious today!
by The Excited One July 25, 2010
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The aspect of Human Character which a brand, product, image, and/ or movement can personify.
"Audaciously Bold" is the new trend.
by Bx. June 30, 2017
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Audaciously Gospelous (adj) or Audacious Gospelous (n): species of human that insists on playing and singing their private music aloud for all to hear.
That guy in the gym is an audacious gospelous for singing loud enough to hear above the trap music in his own earbuds. We all pay a lot of money for this gym, but we gotta hear this…
by M.27 November 5, 2023
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