The nicest person you’ll ever meet this person is funny Smart and beautiful there is no other definition
by Ana Diaz November 28, 2018
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A beautiful woman, whose name means "honey" or "sweety". Assel loves power and smart men.
Assel is a sexy lady!
by Umpencio November 28, 2017
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The coolest girl to ever walk this planet. Her amazing style, her marvelous personality and let's not forget her incredible football skills. She is so loved in this world by everyone around her, she's the type of person who just brightens up everybody's day without even knowing it. She's the best friend / girlfriend anyone could ever ask for, by being there for you when you need her. Assel is also a magician, superhero, an artist and let's not forget she's a genius with the biggest brains ever. I love you baby!
T: Tell me about that girl Assel, she seems so cool!
M: She is the coolest person alive, I'm obsessed with her!
by otters&cows4life April 13, 2022
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An assel is a tassel spun or twirled by a performer on their behind. Not to be confused with a 'tassel' commonly used by burlesque performers on their breasts. 'Ass' + 'Tassel' + 'Assel'.
Did you see that? They were spinning their assels so fast I thought they were going to take off.
by M. Finnishescki April 18, 2014
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A word intended to mean "Asshole", but often used when said by a drunk, an idiot, or a Mark Wahlberg
"That guy is such an assel"
by Sméagol December 31, 2015
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Used in the same context as asshole and meaning the same thing, assel is less conspicuous and far less noticeable to someone who doesn't know what it means.
Hey what up assel, wanna go play some mini golf?
by Limblessless May 28, 2007
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Verb (derived from ass); to vary from a direct course so as to hinder those behind you, causing aggravation.
We'll get there on-time, if this jack-ass in front of us doesn't assel around.
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