Lets book this guy for Assault that poor old man is in the hospital now
by EtownSucks July 27, 2011
When a person slips on a pizza box during an altercation.
If junior slips on a pizza box during a dispute, you have an assault must arrest.
by Captain Batman October 31, 2014
Assault is when i get buzzin and decide to smash someones face in.
Copper 2 me : "did u assault the poor helpless albanian?"
Me : "Yes i fucking did!"
by Liam April 22, 2004
When someone is coming off in a very assaulting manner, they are very aggressive and almost short tempered.
Ayo, that guy is kind of assaultful.
by assaultful September 7, 2020
What my crazy ass does to someone for making fun of AOL or AOL CDs. I will be charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder.
Maurice says "AOL sucks and breaks an AOL CD"
Rosco punches maurice to the ground and starts stomping him with military combat boots and beats him to a bloody pulp and then the police comes and Rosco runs for it while maurice bleeds half to death
by Rosco April 24, 2004
having an uncontrollable overwhelming amount of rawness in your body that comes from drinking muscle pharm assault. Being super focused and crazy at the same time. Having the ability to go hard on the muh fuckin weights. Maximum effects of being assaulted can be achieved by listening to insane music before hand. For example, eminem, lil jon, lil wayne, and waka flocka. Not recommended for pussy ass muh fuckas
lets get assaulted before we hit da gym.
by Mr. Rawness August 22, 2011
The act of forcefully exhibiting pictures of Shrek to someone without their consent. For example, sending pictures of Shrek to a stranger’s phone via Airdrop.
“I fell victim to Shrexual assault last week while on the bus ride home—this guy wouldn’t stop Airdropping me pictures of Shrek.”
by Manny223 October 6, 2019