A unit of measure - the distance a dog can drag it's butt across the floor. This term can thus be used to describe any short distance.
"Can you move over a scootch or two?"

"I think they are several scootches ahead of us"

"Wow! look how far Rover scootched on the new rug!"
by Posing A Threat September 20, 2009
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Term used by really, really terrible plain clothes cops/ undercover narcs at shows and festivals, to fail at an arrest...
Undercover: "Hey bros, you got any scootch? You know, anything FUN?"
Bro: "Fuck Off"
by Johnny Danerously October 17, 2010
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An especially wet, potent fart that occurs when the fart travels past a stuck log of shit on the way out.
Dude, you need to check your pants after that scootch
by Magius December 18, 2003
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