noun; a small (or medium if you like)gremlin-like creature who lives in your ass and comes out every half moon to eat crackers, sometimes watching tv and hogging the remote.
"has anyone seen my ass goblin? he's been missing for an hour" at which point, upon retrieval, said goblin returns to his happy ass-home.
by boone n' friendz August 22, 2003
An ass goblin is a mythical creature that emerges from the anus (or ass). Evrey once in a while it emerges, and when it does it lets out a roaring fart which kills a lot of people. The ass goblin was once suspected of killing the dinosaurs.
Scientists suspected an ass goblin killed the dinsaurs
by duck February 4, 2005
when you go to eat pussy, but go too far down, then you're ass goblin. *rule of thumb(if your on a bed)your chin should not be touching the mattress...)(if you do then you are definately ass goblin)
mans thoughts "hmm her bat cave seems kinda tight, maybe i went down too far...oh man i hope im not ass goblin"
by chikin skratch October 23, 2005
A very disturbed person who will have an iritable obsetion with goblining peoples ass's. Also known an a 'Bum Bandit'.
"Hey dude can I goblin your ass?"

"No dude."

"Kmon, it's just a litttle goblining."

"Fuck'n, no you stupid Ass Goblin." etc.
An Ass Goblin is someone that you don't like. It could be used instead of saying the following: Bitch, Whore, Jerk, Dick, Dickhead, asshole, douche, douche bag, etc.
Person: I stole your boyfriend.
You: You fucking ass goblin!
by bonehead wigglebutt October 3, 2010
1) Someone who is such a pain in the ass that they go above and beyond it. 2) A wedgie so severe it involves the ripping of the undershorts. 3) An elderly man's sweaty scrotum getting stuck in his ass when he sits down (see also cracking nuts, butt dumplings)
You are an Ass Goblin

OUCH! You Ass Goblin!!! That Ass Goblin hurts!!!

AHH!!! I got an Ass Goblin from the couch AGAIN!
by J July 22, 2003
Powerful goblin that wants to rule the world. Can change appearance (usually looks like an old man) and has magical powers. Often Shouts HEEYAAAAAA and usually goes by the name of Lord Vilhelm
help, the ass goblin is trying to rule the world
by ass goblin hater August 30, 2003