A skinny pale blonde girl who will and has crawled up many ass's. Ass goblins live in Northern California and are invading everywhere.
I seen this hot girl in a white jeep today. " watch out shes an ass goblin"
by ihatebritlen August 31, 2011
Also finds loose change in the couch.
Hey Mike, have you seen my quarter? Na man, your ass goblin must have engulfed it.
by Dontonson January 17, 2005
An ass hat/ass clown (see ass clown.; A small goblin who dwells in and on your ass!
"Marc and travis are ass goblins" "Holy crap did you see that ass goblin,it ran into his rectum!"
by Booby November 9, 2004
The big giant in prison who salivates over anyone who like they can be dominated. Sometimes runs in packs.
ref:Famous Ass Goblins- Damon from Friday after next, Schillenger from OZ, The Sisters from Shawshank Redemption, Nasty Nate from Half Baked ect.
by Sneedley June 16, 2006
Ass Goblin - A being that goes out of his way to be like a singular person. He will dress, eat/drink, suddenly have same interests as that person. They try to keep themselves low profile by blending their style with that person's just to make it look like it has always been their own style.
WARNING - Ass Goblins are like roaches; you can't get rid of them buggers without being FUBAR...
by Anon July 7, 2004
Little creatures that live in your butt who come out at night to steal or hide things on you.
The ass goblins stole my Anthropology paper!
by sheryl May 12, 2003
First of all, have you ever seen your asshole?
If you said no then you may have ass goblins. Ass goblins live in your ass and feed off your crap. They come out everyonce in a while to bite the person behind you(which can be very embarassing). To check if you have ass goblins you need to look at your ass hole and say ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS ASS GOBLINS as loud as you can, and if you have them, they will come out, if not your cool. But for the unlucky ones who do the only way to get them out is to stick amonia up your pooper and swish it around then next time you take a shit, your dead ass goblins will lay there in the toilet.
HOLY SHIT, that guys ass goblin just bit me!
by Vbaby2421 April 21, 2006