What you get when you finally take a crap after 2 weeks without crapping. Plungers Away!!
Man: "I wouldn't go in the bathroom for 25-30 minutes."
Other Man: "Why not?"
Man: "I dropped an assgoblin."
Other man: O_O
by fishslap November 24, 2009
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An ass goblin is a mythical creature that emerges from the anus (or ass). Evrey once in a while it emerges, and when it does it lets out a roaring fart which kills a lot of people. The ass goblin was once suspected of killing the dinosaurs.
Scientists suspected an ass goblin killed the dinsaurs
by duck February 03, 2005
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One who gobbles ass, but really just a general, whimsical "put down." Also contemporarily mythologized as goblins who inhabit the asses of humans and presumably other creatures.

(popular source generally attributed to "Beavis and Butthead" television show)
That dude's an "ass goblin"
by mike...MIKE March 16, 2004
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a girl who is short in stature and bitchy-er than any other thing you have ever experiance, this little creature also likes to say she likes you and lead you on then never meets you
person A: dud did you hook up with that girl yet

person B: nah she's an ass-goblin
by Brandidit August 29, 2010
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when you go to eat pussy, but go too far down, then you're ass goblin. *rule of thumb(if your on a bed)your chin should not be touching the mattress...)(if you do then you are definately ass goblin)
mans thoughts "hmm her bat cave seems kinda tight, maybe i went down too far...oh man i hope im not ass goblin"
by chikin skratch October 22, 2005
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A very disturbed person who will have an iritable obsetion with goblining peoples ass's. Also known an a 'Bum Bandit'.
"Hey dude can I goblin your ass?"

"No dude."

"Kmon, it's just a litttle goblining."

"Fuck'n, no you stupid Ass Goblin." etc.
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