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Little creatures that live in your butt who come out at night to steal or hide things on you.
The ass goblins stole my Anthropology paper!
by sheryl May 11, 2003

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The other 'vette.

A damn sexy car; sub-compact hatchback manufactured from 1979 until 1987 under Chevrolet/Vauxhall. Rear-wheel drive, 50-70 hp; slow as hell stock, but does awesome donuts.
"Fuck, is my chevette a sexy car..."
by sheryl April 09, 2005

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An awesome pub, on 175 Carlton Street in downtown Winnipeg. They have good food, and Guinness for $6.25/pint. So pretty inside. It's a good place to hear some good local music and get hammered with your friends. And the guys seem to like the waitresses short short little kilt skirts.
We went to Shannons Irish Pub for Katia's birthday

You guys wanna go to Shan's?

"Hey Hollie, which part is the banger and which is the mash? hehehe ;) lol..."
by Sheryl January 23, 2006

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