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She is sweet, humble, and funny to everyone around her. It is very easy to fall in love with an Adora's personality, not to mention her gorgeous looks. However if you mess with an Adora she can make it living hell for you.
God damn.... Adora ain't like no other girl man.
by liveeverydaylikeyourlast April 27, 2017
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Adora is the most beautiful, kind, generous, funniest, selfless person you will ever met her smile will make your day 10x better she always tries to be friends with everyone but the people around her are toxic. She is so beautiful and pretty and gorgeous she has boys falling all over her her body shape isn't perfect but good enough she is care free never looks in the past always is the life of the party and she loves her family and will do anything and can't wait to grow up and live her life she is a huge sports fan she dresses like a boy but inside is a girly girl she is simply the best thing that could happen in your life
"Man I miss Adora so much she was the best thing in my life"
by D4force February 08, 2018
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This is what Jerry Springer would call a " hit and run " or "hit and Quit " because it would be any situation where you would "do what you had to do and get the fuck out. "
Tommy - Hey dude, i'm not proud, the other night i smashed Adora, it was def a hit and run.

Mario - Awww bro, that is so sick, you must have been really hurtin to do something like that.
by realista357 January 07, 2012
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