A cute girl who is lively, and funny. She is prone to keeping friends and may slip off the road a bit, but you won't forget her. She's pretty, chill and most of all, she IS πŸ’― ORIGINAL.
Lacey: "Hey did you see that girl Aspen in the crowd?"
Mariam: "Yeah she was sooo pretty."
by RealπŸ’― January 04, 2015
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The most beautiful girl you will ever met. She is the girl you will fall in love with. She never will leave you and she always will be by your side. You can always trust in her.
She is such an Aspen
by πŸ’―βœ¨πŸ’― November 23, 2015
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a literal gremlin who has top quality gayness and is probably plotting world domination.
"Oh wow, you really pulled an Aspen there didn't you?"
by aspenis October 24, 2019
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A beautiful girl that belive it or not will probly share alot in common with you has a sweet heart is very funny likes to party and hang out with her friends always gets complaments on her hair shes the friend that you can share anything with people tell her things all the time because they trust her very quickly and will do anything for her family and friends shes the friend you can call at any hour to get you through the rough times because shes been through a lot and doesnt want anyone else to feel the way she has and shes a girl that is unique and someone you will never want to lose
Man aspens a funny,butiful girl that likes to party and gives great advice
by live freely April 07, 2016
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The sweetest ski town in the WORLD! don't belive the people who call all aspnites animal haters- they not. They are lucky people -rich or poor- to live in the most beautiful enviorment and they do not take it for granted. Although rich snobs live there, so does the average middle class american familys. & They all blend toghether in such a glorius, wonderful way. + they all share several great loves.......skiing, snowboarding, rafting hiking and more!!! . Plus the skiing is so sick! So if you want to pick on a town where only rich snobs live attack the Hamptoms! God bless Aspen.... God bless you all. :)
Lola : halie aspen is full of rich snobs!
Halie : no way! It'sso pretty cool and awesome !
by SP&Iv August 24, 2009
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an awesome guy who is always joking around and having a good time. everyone loves to be around him. also somewhat of a pimp when it comes to the girls.
oh man aspen told me the funniest joke i was laughing for hours!
by Unicorn21Nation November 05, 2017
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